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Love in Action:

…a college prank gone good: encouraging people to do anonymous good deeds and leaving behind a “smile card” asking people to pass on the kindness. grew out of this voluntary movement and claims they’ve shipped over 1 million smile cards, have over 19,000 registered users and their site has over 32,000 “kindness stories.”

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What’s Love Got to do With It? Cities Need Love!

The secret to successful cities is love. Love is the glue that holds humans together, plain and simple. The person watering the thirsty street tree, the mother and her child walking to school and marveling at the turning leaves together, the motorist that slows down to let the cyclist clear an intersection, the reaching out […]

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Community and Furniture Building in Rural Japan

Up in the hills between Osaka and Tokyo is a small village that is pretty typical of much of rural Japan. Beautiful old houses, forested hillsides, a river running through it and silence. The woods are quiet because it is cheaper to import wood from Indonesia than to cut and process here. The town is quiet because many of the houses are empty…IMG_1170

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Tell Metro about your ideas to reduce carbon pollution from cars

Metro, the Portland Oregon regional government, is asking about Greenhouse gas reduction strategies here Focus is on motor vehicles and transport with a bit of land use thrown in. *Note: Opt In is an innovative on-line civic forum with almost 20,000 registered participants from all around the metro region begun when I was a Metro […]

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Off Street Parking and Neighborhood Livability: photo essay

Over 20 years ago, the City of Portland removed off-street parking requirements for residential development along streets served by transit. Check out this photo essay on how off-street parking (for years required by cities) disrupts the “traditional” neighborhood character, community interaction and aesthetics…

Traditional development along transit streets

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Why Getting to 2100? The next century will be a test: can humans use their intelligence and foresight to successfully transition from our consumption-fueled economy to one that balances the needs of humans with the Earth’s available resources. Getting to 2100 aims to be a forum for sharing of good ideas and good works. Got a good example or a new idea? Share it with the world!

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