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Useless Devices that Make Us Feel Good

Bicycle helmets are kind of like those airplane seat cushion “flotation devices.” They are endlessly hyped yet rarely needed and of dubious usefulness when deployed. Whether crashing at sea or getting hit by a speeding car, neither the seat cushion nor the bike helmet will save your life. Its funny, we heavily regulate airplane design […]

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Bikes as Pedestrians: Osaka/Kyoto

Gion, or Geisha, District of Kyoto. Still a functioning neighborhood.

Stepping out the door onto the sidewalk in Kyoto and Osaka can take a while to get used to with all the bicycles whirring by, sharing the usually tight space with crowds of pedestrians…

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Scholarly article re: the impact of parking requirements on Affordability

Following up on the recent spate of articles on mandating off-street parking, here in Portland and nationally, here’s a research article based on real world experience in Los Angeles: Parking requirements as a barrier to housing development: regulation and reform in Los Angeles Abstract: Using a partial deregulation of residential parking in downtown Los Angeles, […]

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The National Movement to Tame Parking

“Reform is not only adopting good policies but also repealing bad policies. Requiring all buildings to provide ample parking is one such bad policy that cities should repeal.” Portland is going backwards by considering resurrecting the bad policies of the past and is out of touch with national trends. What our neighborhoods need is not more government-mandated, expensive and unneeded off-street parking; rather, we need an intelligent approach to managing cars, including charging for on-street parking…IMG_0557

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Off-Street Parking Mandates (continued)

It seems like there is nothing like threatening the loss of a parking spot in front of your house to raise the ire. A voice of reason in this debate is the informal group calling itself Portlanders for Sustainable Development whose letter to the Mayor and City Council appears below. Coming soon will be a […]

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Build it (bike lanes, that is) and they will come!

Portland is heralded for its strong investment in bicycle facilities and is being copied around the continent (think NYC, Vancouver, BC and Chicago). Can’t even remember how many times Bicycling Magazine has called Portland the Best Cycling City in North America. In the past 20 years, Portland has built over 300 miles of bicycle facilities and much of the Portland metropolitan area is not far behind. Well, has it worked? Let’s find out…

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