Getting to 2100


Getting to 2100

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31 July 2013

]Krugman_New-popup-v2 Paul Krugman (NY Times)
Urban planners and social critics have been pointing out how sprawling, auto-dependent development patterns have created the fattest generation in America’s history, and led to the appearance of new diseases like juvenile-onset diabetes, directly linked to children being unable to walk or bike in their communities, now Paul Krugman, fearless economics columnist for the NY Times, lays out the case that sprawl severely limits social mobility–in short, it’s un-American…

29 July 2013

What’s green, located in East Portland and only accessible by cycling or walking? Hint, it may become Portland’s second community conceived and created park)…
Volunteers clean up! (source: Gateway Green) Volunteers clean up! (source: Gateway Green)

25 July 2013

Denver just pulled off what should rightly be the love-child of New York City or Los Angeles, a brain-fest of culture, thought and provocation celebrating the Americas as one continent (and one market). In its third year, the Biennial of the Americas featured leading edge art installations including a series of billboards around town, cultural nights open to the public, symposia featuring big movers and shakers…[Another view?

12 July 2013

If you don’t know of Richard Jackson and his work, you should.

Source: Nike, Designed to Move Source: Nike, Designed to Move

9 July 2013

The Savior of Cleveland?

Much as I wish it to be true, that brewing beer rescues neighborhoods, jumpstarts local economies and turns around failing cities but…