Getting to 2100


Getting to 2100

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20 September 2012

Portland has always been a bike friendly place, right? There was the “Bike Bill,” passed way back in 1971 during the frenzy of good stuff pushed by Republicans like land use planning, clean air and bottle deposits! The real story is actually one of constant struggle and advocacy that really didn’t take off until the Bicycle Transportation Alliance was founded in late 1990, almost 20 years after the Bike Bill became law. The intervening years had little to show for them (bike trails along freeways, mostly) in the Portland region. No bike lanes on major streets, no safe bridge crossings on the Willamette, no bikes on buses or light rail. And no power at Portland City Council, Metro or any of the three counties. Bicyclists, and there weren’t many, were left to their own devices which sometimes meant your fists, cause the cops would never take the cyclists’ side in confrontations with motorists. I remember being ordered off of NE Broadway by a police captain as he idled beside me even though he couldn’t cite a reason!

But this is not a bitch about the past but a story of hope, of how committed citizens can bring about change…

21 July 2012

Take a little Rorschach test for me: What do the words, climate change, peak oil and energy conservation mean to you?

If you think like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the alarm bells of regulation, taxation and invading greenies go off in your head. But, if you are like the leading businesses in Europe, it’s visions of Pounds, Kroner and Euros dancing in your mind. What many here see as a threat to America’s economic future is an economic as well as environmental imperative in Europe…

15 July 2012

“A generation ago, Portland’s metropolitan-wide planning approaches were considered ‘experimental.’ As America changes and as lessons from Portland’s ‘experiment’ emerge it is becoming increasingly evident that metropolitan Portland’s governance structure, civic engagement processes, planning approaches, and community health innovations are a harbinger for sustainable metropolitan development.” -Arthur C. Nelson, Presidential Professor of City & Metropolitan […]