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Calling Urban Visionaries/Activists Under 40


Vanguard Conference

2013 Vanguard conference
June 10-12 | Cleveland, Ohio

Vanguard, an annual conference hosted by Next City and held this year in Cleveland, gathers the country’s best and brightest urban advocates. Applications are due by April 26, 2013. Selected participants will be notified by May 1, 2013. The Vanguard class will be publicly announced by May 10, 2013.

According to the Vanguard website:

Our attendees are high-level, creative and ambitious people under 40 who seek to improve their cities and work for local non-profit organizations, in city government, as social entrepreneurs, artists and in other related fields. Each year, we select 40 people who have demonstrated their ability to have an impact on their city or the national dialogue about urban issues and bring them together for an inspiring series of presentations, workshops, tours and other activities.

In order to apply for Next American City Vanguard, you must be a current Forefront subscriber. Email with questions.

About Gettingto2100

Why Getting to 2100? The next century will be a test: can humans use their intelligence and foresight to successfully transition from our consumption-fueled economy to one that balances the needs of humans with the Earth’s available resources. Getting to 2100 aims to be a forum for sharing of good ideas and good works. Got a good example or a new idea? Share it with the world!

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