Getting to 2100


Getting to 2100

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15 May 2015

O how far we’ve come…!Rex Burkholder, co-founder, BTA; Ray Thomas, Bicycle Legal Clinic; Mayor Bud Clark
Rex Burkholder, co-founder, BTA; Ray Thomas, Bicycle Legal Clinic; Mayor Bud Clark (whoop, whoop!)

14 August 2014

This morning, at a sparsely attended talk sponsored by Urban Land Institute, Gabe Klein, former transportation director of Chicago and DC, spoke of the “end of parking” coming about by car (and bike) sharing and self driving vehicle technology. These two developments have the potential to make parking demand collapse, according to Klein.


6 August 2014

IMG_2456In the debates over extending transit systems such as light rail and bus rapid transit lines you will hear repeated over and over again how Americans just don’t use transit. They love their cars. They want freedom and convenience that transit can’t provide.

On the other side, transit advocates speak about how transit use reduces pollution and congestion.

29 May 2014


  • help pay the mortgage
  • have your friends or family nearby
  • make use of unused space
  • have a place to move into when the house gets too big
  • 13 May 2014

    Portland’s citywide commute share for bikes is above 6%, putting it in the top rank of cycling cities in the US.

    In new information released by the US Census, the impact of good quality (and quantity) of bicycle facilities on commute choice shows up with some census tracts with over 20% of commuters using bicycles… See the map

    14 April 2014

    Change is coming to the city and the usual fights are breaking out. Preservation versus density. Illegal conversion of old houses to commercial uses…

    3 March 2014

    “All the pedestrian warnings in the world won’t matter if we’re encouraging foot traffic where motorists are hitting highway speeds. It’s like removing all the guardrails at the top of the Empire State Building and expecting people to use common sense not to fall off.” KOIN media

    24 February 2014

    Its normal to assume that future households will be pretty much the same as today’s, yet if we look back just a few decades, most houses in Portland had many more people living in them. Over half had children in the home in the 1960s and many also had grandparents or aunts and uncles under the same roof. Today, over a quarter of households consist of one person and only one in five has school age children. What about the future?

    7 February 2014

    When we get snow in Portland, the normal workaday world stops. And a curious thing happens…

    24 December 2013

    Posters of Ciclovias in the various districts of Lima
    Posters of Ciclovias in the various districts of Lima

    One of the best part about attending Congresses of the Ciclovia Network (CRA) is the chance to get out on a bike in cities throughout Latin America.