Getting to 2100


Getting to 2100

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3 June 2016

The Open Streets movement is at a tipping point as an international phenomenon. Let’s open our streets and reshape our communities! Ciclovias are taking North America by storm!

15 May 2015

O how far we’ve come…!Rex Burkholder, co-founder, BTA; Ray Thomas, Bicycle Legal Clinic; Mayor Bud Clark
Rex Burkholder, co-founder, BTA; Ray Thomas, Bicycle Legal Clinic; Mayor Bud Clark (whoop, whoop!)

25 November 2014

The problem is the whole transport sector is quite influenced by the whole utilitarianist mindset. Now we’re bringing in the idea that it’s not acceptable to be killed or seriously injured when you’re transporting. It’s more a civil-rights thing that you bring into the policy. Matts-Åke Belin, traffic safety strategist, Swedish Transport Administration

14 October 2014

  “Encourage young boys and girls to run, jump, squeal, hop and chase after each other or after erratically kicked balls, and you substantially improve their ability to think, according to the most ambitious study ever conducted of physical activity and cognitive performance in children. The results underscore, yet again, the importance of physical activity […]

1 September 2014

“Opportunities for physical activity have suffered from poor urban planning and growing violence…”

28 August 2014

Why I let my children walk to the corner store — and why other parents should, too – The Washington Post. When my son, Gehron, turned 5, he insisted on walking the 3 blocks to kindergarten by himself. Why not? it was his neighborhood school, his mom worked there and he’d been walking those 3 […]

20 August 2014

London air pollution: which mode of transport has the highest exposure? – video | Environment | The Guardian. Study done in London shows less exposure to traffic fumes for cyclists than for car drivers or bus riders. Plus, cycling reduces air pollution in the first place.

25 June 2014

With all the press running around Brazil looking for something to write about other than Suarez’ biting habit, Sam Borden of the NY Times stumbled upon an Open Street in Såo Paolo.
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30 May 2014

In 2010, there were 32,999 people killed, 3.9 million were injured, and 24 million vehicles were damaged in motor vehicle crashes…

29 May 2014


  • help pay the mortgage
  • have your friends or family nearby
  • make use of unused space
  • have a place to move into when the house gets too big