Getting to 2100


Getting to 2100

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7 February 2014

When we get snow in Portland, the normal workaday world stops. And a curious thing happens…

21 January 2014

Self described “Marketing Director for Nature,” Bond takes his worries about his screen-attached children on a tongue in cheek campaign to connect more children (and their parents) with nature. Source: Project Wild Thing

24 December 2013

Posters of Ciclovias in the various districts of Lima
Posters of Ciclovias in the various districts of Lima

One of the best part about attending Congresses of the Ciclovia Network (CRA) is the chance to get out on a bike in cities throughout Latin America.

19 December 2013

A confident young participant in San Francisco de Porro

Ciclovia is a Latin American phenomena originating over 30 years ago in Bogotà, Colombia where some streets are closed to allow people to walk, cycle, skate or stroll without traffic. Or, as the advocates would say, Ciclovias “open” the streets…

11 December 2013

What is this?

6 November 2013

Causa Justa housing march in the mission
Steve Rhodes, CC

14 August 2013

The secret to successful cities is love. Love is the glue that holds humans together, plain and simple. The person watering the thirsty street tree, the mother and her child walking to school and marveling at the turning leaves together, the motorist that slows down to let the cyclist clear an intersection, the reaching out […]

31 July 2013

]Krugman_New-popup-v2 Paul Krugman (NY Times)
Urban planners and social critics have been pointing out how sprawling, auto-dependent development patterns have created the fattest generation in America’s history, and led to the appearance of new diseases like juvenile-onset diabetes, directly linked to children being unable to walk or bike in their communities, now Paul Krugman, fearless economics columnist for the NY Times, lays out the case that sprawl severely limits social mobility–in short, it’s un-American…

29 July 2013

What’s green, located in East Portland and only accessible by cycling or walking? Hint, it may become Portland’s second community conceived and created park)…
Volunteers clean up! (source: Gateway Green) Volunteers clean up! (source: Gateway Green)

12 July 2013

If you don’t know of Richard Jackson and his work, you should.

Source: Nike, Designed to Move Source: Nike, Designed to Move