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Getting to 2100

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Getting to 2100. How do you think we will get there? Profound changes are needed in how we eat, excrete, procreate, recreate, move around, make a living, relate to each other. How can we design cities that enrich our lives but don’t bankrupt natural systems? How can we govern ourselves so that the future has a place at the table? How about those currently disenfranchised by poverty, mal-governance, lack of education? Are you working on new ways of providing services, managing resources or engaging people that you’d like to share?

Here’s the place. Please contribute, comment and share links and other resources. The only way of Getting to 2100 is through collaboration and innovation.

4 March 2014

Getting people to help out on a project, to support a bill in the legislature or to join an organization requires good communication. How does your communication add up? Can you make a “killer” pitch for your idea?

12 December 2012

While we wait for the “big boys” to act (or not) at their annual conferences in far flung locales, there is much we can be doing on the local level to reduce carbon emissions and address the changes wrought by a changing climate. But what should we do first?

11 December 2012

Cooling our cities: how?

Posted by Rex

Even if the world were to stop burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the momentum of rising global temperature caused by too much carbon in the atmosphere demands on the ground responses if we are to keep our cities livable. How can we cool our cities and keep them healthy?

11 December 2012

Bicycle use is experiencing a resurgence in much of the world – even the French are riding! In the USA bicycling is on the cusp of even greater growth, rating the attacks of House Republicans who eliminated funding in the latest transportation bill. Yet, most cities still are hostile to experienced riders much less the average person. What do you find that works to give this affordable, convenient, healthy transportation option a leg up?