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Hope v. Despair


“There’s a great danger in hope, as Roxane Gay has pointed out: “Hope allows us to leave what is possible in the hands of others,” she writes. “When we hope, we have no control over what may come to pass. We put all our trust and energy into the whims of fate. We abdicate responsibility. We allow ourselves to be complacent.”
It’s no doubt a mistake to believe that everything will work out in the end. At the moment, everything is far, far from working out. But there’s as great a danger in despair as there is in unwarranted hope. Despair tells us that there’s no point in fighting, that there’s nothing to be done but surrender and make peace with the consequences. ”

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Why Getting to 2100? The next century will be a test: can humans use their intelligence and foresight to successfully transition from our consumption-fueled economy to one that balances the needs of humans with the Earth’s available resources. Getting to 2100 aims to be a forum for sharing of good ideas and good works. Got a good example or a new idea? Share it with the world!

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