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Project WildThing- you make my heart sing


Source: Project Wild Thing

Thanks to the energy and vision of April Guiterrez, local mom and tax accountant, Portlanders had a chance to see one of only two US screenings of an exciting new film by British filmmaker, David Bond. Self described “Marketing Director for Nature,” Bond takes his worries about his screen-attached children on a tongue in cheek campaign to connect more children (and their parents) with nature. Project WildThing.

Tough to do living in a big city like London, but with the help of creative designers, he comes up with apps, billboards and more to encourage people to get out of the house and off their screens with the goal of restoring kids to a “free-range” childhood.

One of my favorite tactics is a how-to guide for exposing infants to Nature that he got the British National Health Service (oh, how I wish we had one of these!) to distribute to all new parents.

You can watch the film here. April is using this showing to bring together a wide variety of parents, conservation educators and activists to work together to help get kids outdoors and go wild!

Groups involved include Friends of Outdoor School, the Outdoor Project, PlayWorks and ONPlay.

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